What are the top 10 programming languages of the future?

What are the top 10 programming languages of the future

Rapid advancement of technology has made people amazed and it will go further ahead to contribute much amazing things. Here are the top 10 programming languages of the future to amaze us in days to come.

One thing is very sure that in future we are going to encounter much greater and awesome technologies, even than present. The technologies of software, web development or digital applications are made by programming languages.

So, at present one of the best skills to learn is the learning programming languages, especially those are indicating tremendous growth in future.

In this article, I am going to answer the question, what are the top 10 best programming languages of the future that you must start learning today.

The top 10 best programming languages of the future are:

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. Swift
  5. C++
  6. C#
  7. R
  8. PHP
  10. Go

1. Python :

Python is an easy to learn languages due to its very readable syntax. Most of the time, it is the first programming language taught in computer science course.

Even though it is very simple language still it is the back bone of some most paid and highly demanded skills like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. It proves that this programming language is going to be in high demand in future.

Python is a great choice for beginners to step into the world of programming. Many trendy apps have been created using Python, including Reddit, Instagram and YouTube.

2. Java

Java is used for developing computer applications.  Java became popular because, it’s an Object Oriented Programming language.

It is considered one of the best programming languages due to its rich API, powerful development tools, and huge collection of open source libraries, platform in-dependency and great documentation support.

Java is not beginner friendly because of its little difficult syntax.

Overall there is a great demand of Java skill and Java jobs pays pretty high salary.

Java is the fastest “managed” programming language than Python, JavaScript, C #, Ruby, Perl, and PHP.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript-What are the top 10 programming languages of the future?
JavaScript is used by over 80% of developers and 95% of websites for any dynamic reasoning on their pages.

As the Internet of Things and mobile devices become more popular, several front-end frameworks for JavaScript, such as React and Angular.JS, have great potential for the future.

JavaScript is basically a font-end programming language, used to make dynamic and interactive web pages.

It is also used for back-end development. It is also used for developing applications and games.

JavaScript is a powerful language because of its great performance and present in several development fields, and it is very logical to hope for its more growth in future.

4. Swift

Swift is new programming language developed by Apple. It is one of the fastest growing language in a very short period of time.

Swift is used for developing ios applications. It is used to develop software that are lightning-fast and its code is safe by design.

5. C++

C++ What are the top 10 programming languages of the future

C++ is and object-oriented programming language used for building operating systems, browsers and video games.

It is a powerful and flexible language due to its support of different ways of programming like object-oriented, functional and procedural and so on.

C++ is mainly used for system programming and embedded systems. System programming refers to developing operating system that interfaces with hardware. And embedded system refers to applications, robotics and automobiles.

It is considered as the safest language due to security features of this language. It is easy to write and replication of errors is easy. C++ has wide variety of use in different platforms and software.

6. C#

C# What are the top 10 programming languages of the future
C# is easy to use and well built programming language developed by Microsoft.

It is primarily used for backend programming, developing desktop apps, windows mobile apps, web apps, games.

In order to create apps for Microsoft platforms you need to learn this language.

7. R

Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka created the R language at the university of Auckland in New Zealand.

R programming language is used by many analysts, statisticians, data miners and researchers to develop data analysis software and solve complex issues.

Many big companies such as Facebook, Bing, Google , Wipro and Accenture uses R language.

R is even used in the sectors like e-commerce, finance and banking.

8. PHP

PHP is a powerful language for making interactive and dynamic websites. It runs on web servers.

It is free and widely used as a server side scripting language.

Learning this language is easy and it is independent of platform and operating system.


matlab_What are the top 10 programming languages of the future

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a necessary language for scientists and engineers. It adds computation, programming and visualization in easy ways.

MATLAB is used in different industries for data analysis. It is a language with high performance for technical computing.

10. Go

Go_What are the top 10 programming languages of the future

Go is a programming language that was developed by Google, it is also known as Golang.

Go is the combination of efficiency of C and readability along with conciseness of python and JavaScript.

The goal of this language is to set in straightforward syntax without complicated code.

It has great built-in support for concurrent programming which makes it ideal for highly complex applications. Go’s multi-threading features make it one of the most useful languages for handling many parallel web requests and large networks. These features make Golang a good choice for both block chain and AI.

A recent study by technicians found that Golang programmers had an average salary of $ 2 132,000 per year.

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to create simple, reliable and efficient software.

The developers say that Google’s Go language is the 21st century’s C in regards of syntax. However, this new programming language includes tools that allow you to safely use memory and manage objects.

Go programming language combines the best features of other programming languages.


Every language has its pros and cons. They has some specific roles to play to solve the problem.

From the above mentioned list of top 10 best programming languages of the future, choose the language that fit with your goal.

Before learning any language, first understand it is very crucial to be sure what you want to become or what is your destination. Without proper destination, you will end up reaching in wrong place.

So, know your destination than fix your goal and start learning the programming language that will lead you to your destination.

After learning these languages, you can either work in a company or work from home as a freelancer. There are many freelancing site to work with.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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