25 Best Free JavaScript Tutorials online for Beginners: Courses & Training

Free best JavaScript programming or coding language tutorials, courses, training & certifications online for Beginners

Without doubt JavaScript is one of the most popular and demanded languages in the world of programming languages, which makes JavaScript tutorials important. There are several benefits for learning JavaScript, you will be able to create an interactive website with interactive web pages, develop apps, web games, server side scripting, develop desktop applications, apply this language in Machine learning and Internet of Things etc.

All these things create the popularity of JavaScript Tutorials. In this article I will share with you the best places to learn the JavaScript programming language. I have given a list of links from the top online learning platforms, where you can find the great quality JavaScript tutorials.

My personal suggestion:

 If you don’t want to be confused with the long list then let me tell you the best and affordable place for JavaScript tutorials is Udemy.com, there are millions of people learning skills from this platform. 

It is a great platform as you get a bunch of benefits from this, some of them are:

  1. Support from instructor
  2. Community to help you out in your problem
  3. Lifetime access facility to every courses
  4. All the updates with the course for free
  5. Instructor provides needed resources to you
  6. A lot of practical assignments
  7. Printable and shareable certificate of accomplishment

Here is a video of a Japanese child, who has learnt more than 3 programming languages from Udemy.com, so if a child can learn then anyone can learn, if one has a learning desire.


I. List of Free Online Courses

II. Frequently asked questions on JavaScript

Free Best JavaScript programming or coding tutorials, courses, training & certifications online for Beginners

I. List of Free Online Courses


  1. Javascript Essentials


  1. Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro


  1. JavaScript Fundamentals


  1. Introductory To JavaScript – Learn The Basics of JavaScript


  1. Basic Coding in JavaScript




  1. Introduction to Javascript: The Basics


  1. Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS


  1. Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization


  1. Introduction to Web Development



LinkedIn Learning

  1. Free JavaScript Tutorials and Courses online


  1. Free JavaScript Essential Training


  1. Learning the JavaScript Language


  1. JavaScript for Web Designers




  1. JavaScript Core Language




  1. Intro to JavaScript


  1. JavaScript Testing


  1. JavaScript and the DOM


  1. JavaScript Design Patterns


  1. ES6 – JavaScript Improved




  1. Learn and Master JavaScript Foundations from Beginner to Professional


  1. Web Programming with JavaScript I – First Edition


  1. JavaScript ES6 For Beginners


  1. JavaScript Fundamentals


  1. The complete Boot camp: HTML 5 CSS 3 and JavaScript




  1. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification (300 hours)


II. Frequently asked questions on JavaScript

1. What is a Javascript tutorial?

JavaScript tutorial is the course on JavaScript language, where you learn this language step by step with a proper systemic process. In this process the learning journey is designed by the instructor and the learner learns from the beginning and moves towards the advanced level through the guidance of the instructor.

2. Which is the best website or tutorials for complete studying JavaScript?

There are many websites or tutorials to learn complete JavaScript but if you ask me which is the best then I would recommend you Udemy.com, this online learning platform is just awesome for learning with an affordable price.

There are many quality complete tutorials available on JavaScript on Udemy, where you will get complete support, updates and certificates at the end of tutorials.

3. Which is the best website for earning certification?

There are a number of popular online learning platforms where you can learn the skill and earn the certification at the end of learning.

Some of the great platforms are Udemy, linkedIn learning, Coursera, Skillshare etc.

Among these all I personally feel Udemy is most affordable along with quality courses.

4. Can I teach myself JavaScript?

Without doubt you can learn JavaScript by yourself without paying a huge amount of money to anyone.

You can gather the basic knowledge of JavaScript from YouTube, which is a free platform to begin the journey with. Once you learn the basics go for premium courses to move towards the advanced level. There are many JavaScript tutorials available in Udemy to learn JavaScript. 

 You can just follow the instructor and learn by yourself.

5. How can I learn JavaScript 2020?

You can learn JavaScript in several ways, like you can either go to an institute and learn or you can just take the advantages of online learning platforms and take a quality course and start learning JavaScript with very little cost.

You can even learn the basic knowledge of JavaScript for free from YouTube or the free courses available on online learning websites.

6. How can I learn JavaScript for free?

The basics or beginners level of JavaScript can be learnt for free, as there are many great free resources available on this on online platforms but for advance level of learning you need to go for paid tutorial.

So, it is a wise decision that you learn the basics of JavaScript from free resources and then move to the advanced level with paid tutorials.

7. Can I learn JavaScript without any programming experience?

You can start learning JavaScript without any programming experience but if you are willing to use your JavaScript skill in web development then it is preferred that you learn html and css before learning JavaScript.

JavaScript is used in web pages to make the web pages interactive, which means when you click or hover on some part of a web page,it starts to react and display the living attitude of the websites, this makes the website more powerful and attractive. 

8. Should I learn HTML before JavaScript?

It is not mandatory to learn html before JavaScript but in order to be a web developer you must learn html before JavaScript. 

It takes only 3-4 weeks with 2 hours per day to learn the concepts of html and get comfortable. So, it is a wise decision to learn html as it is the backbone of every web page on the internet. 

There are many great video and test resources available on the internet to learn html for free of cost. 

I would recommend that first of all, watch some good html tutorials on YouTube to understand the concepts of html and then follow the step by step learning process in w3schools.com.

You aren’t required to pay any money to learn html and it is very easy to learn.

9. Where can I learn JavaScript for beginners?

In order to learn the basic concepts of JavaScript you can surely go through some tutorials on YouTube or else you can take advantage of a free trial period in LinkedIn learning, Coursera etc.

There are some courses available on udemy.com for free, but at present udemy has hidden the option of choosing the free courses from it’s filter tab. So, if you want to reach the free courses then go through the websites that have provided the link of free udemy courses, there are many of them, just find the best one. At present I think this is the best way to access the free courses.

You can also buy a JavaScript course on Udemy, courses on udemy are very much affordable and come with a bunch of facilities.

There are many other ways to learn JavaScript as a beginner but I think the above mentioned ways are the best according to quality and affordability.

10. How can I practice JavaScript at home?

At present time with the facility of advanced technologies like fast internet and online courses, it is very much possible that you can learn and practice JavaScript at home. You just need a computer with internet connection and a distraction free place to practice.

There are many places from where you can get support from, like forum websites, facebook groups, from your course provider etc.

11. Should I learn JavaScript or Python first?

It completely depends on your goal if you are willing to become a web developer then you must learn html, css and then JavaScript after this moves towards the Python programming.

But if your goal is becoming a data scientist, artificial intelligence specialist, machine learning expert etc then go for python programming first.

Python and JavaScript both are very popular programming languages with a wide range of opportunities. So, choose the language that fits your goal.

12. Is JavaScript enough to get a job?

You must learn html, css and JavaScript in order to get the front-end developer’s job.

A beautiful and well designed website can be created by using these three. But in order to learn the back end of the webpages you must learn the other programming languages like Python, Java etc.

13. How many hours does it take to learn JavaScript?

I would say that if you are giving at least 3 hours per day for 4-6 months in learning JavaScript then you will be well acquainted and comfortable with this language.

Make sure your learning time is distraction free and well devoted for the better result.

14. Is JavaScript good for beginners?

Yes, JavaScript is considered as the beginner friendly programming language. Once you learn html and css, go for JavaScript. It is easier to learn JavaScript than Java or C++.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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