How to become a Web Developer without degree (complete guide)

Web development is a great career option, as it is growing and will exist for decades to come.

Beauty of this career is that you are not required to go for gathering degrees from Universities.

You can become a talented web developer even by learning from home. You just need a good computer, internet service and a dedicated heart to learn.

In this article I will help you with the complete guide to become a successful web develop.


  1. Who/What is a Web Development?
  2. Web designer vs web developer.
  3. How to become a web developer?
  4. Why Should You Become a Web Developer?
  5. Web developer salary
  6. Web developer jobs
  7. Web developer job description
  8. Web developer skills requirements
  9. Web developer career
  10. Web developer resume
  11. Web developer portfolio
  12. Go for job in company or freelancing
  13. Some FAQs

1. Who / What is a web developer

Web development simply refers to the creation and editing of the web sites you encounter while browsing the Internet.

Web development can be working with very simple web pages as well as very complex pages like ecommerce sites or social media sites.

Web developer goes through very critical thinking process and discussion with the clients need and requirement, before developing any web pages.

 Web developer makes the web pages function in a specific way that is required by the client. It includes the use of several coding languages like html, css,  JavaScript and other technologies.

There are basically three types of web developers, as per their work and contribution.

  1. Front-end developer

Front end developer is responsible for the look of the website that a visitor can see. It is where the visitors of website interact with.

  1. Back-end developer

Backend developer are specialised in the server side works, like handling database where the data of visitor or user stores and connecting the database with the front end page.

  1. Full stack developer

Full stack developer is skilled in both front-end and back-end development. They are skilled with the both side languages.

2. Web designer vs Web developer.

Web designers are creative, digital professionals who create an overall vision and plan for a website. Web design is less about using code to enliven a website, and more about determining a site’s layout, color palette, sent fonts, and visual themes that can be brought to life by any web developer With code.

Web developers are computer programmers who take codes and layouts provided by web designers and use coding language to turn them into live, functional websites.

Skills that You Need to Be a Web Designer are:

  1. Layout of WebPages

Website image, text, video and menu options are arranged in a way that allows users to navigate efficiently.

  1. Colour & Typography of text and pages

Colour and typography play a decisive role in effective web design to create readable text and enjoyable experiences.

  1. Keeping in mind mobile first approach of design

This means designing your website with the smallest display screens in mind and working outwards on the big screens from there.


  1. Wire framing and Prototyping of the website

Wireframe is a visual map that shows the skeleton of a website.

It is a more advanced website model than a wireframe. Prototypes can be used for site testing before the final release of a site.

Skills that You Need to Be a Web Developer are:

  1. HTML

Skeleton of the website is prepared by using HTML, it define the header, body and footer of web pages .

  1. CSS

CSS deals with the style of the web page by adding colour and font etc.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is used to make the web pages functional and interactive.

  1. JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frame works make the web development work more efficient and powerful.

3. How to become a web developer

1. Invest in a bestselling course or go for highest rated free course

There are many free courses available in online platforms but it is quite impossible to find the complete guide in free.

I would recommend you to go for a paid course, which is best selling or highest rated if you are really serious about learning.

2. Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Start your learning from HTML, here you will learn to structure the web pages. Then move on to learn CSS to learn the style part.

These both go hand in hand. Once you are able to create the static pages, next step to learn JavaScript to make the static web pages functional and interactive.

3. Learn to use Designing software

As a web developer, you must have basic knowledge of some mostly used designing software like photoshop, illustrator or Canva etc.

You may need to use those to design images, in order to make your site robust.

4. Gain knowledge of UI and UX

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are the main features of user experience design.

So having some basic knowledge on these will make you better web developer.

5. Gather some back end knowledge

For backend, you can try MySQL and PHP. You will learn to use database and make a dynamic site by learning the backend languages.

6. Learn to use wordpress

To be a web developer you need to be familiar with WordPress, As 63% of all websites are powered by this free, open source software.

It become easier to create and maintain the web pages by wordpress.

7. Learn about SEO

SEO (Search engine optimization) deals with the ranking of web pages in Google search.

As a developer you must know the basic of SEO because it is all about being search engine friendly to rank in search.

Some SEO concepts are closely related with the web developer like header element of the web page that is so important for SEO.

4. Why Should You Become a Web Developer?

Web developers have demands and this can be a great career.

For more than 40 years, web development has been the key to accessing a global entrepreneur. So, yes, this is a promising field.

One thing to be aware of is your skill level. Being highly skilled can make you a better web developer and obviously make more money.

5. web developer salary

This is a very broad question and the salary is much larger depending on a variety of factors, like location and level of skill and experience.

Here below I am providing you some stats to give you the hints of the salary.

6. web developer jobs

There are approximately 1.4 million computing jobs available in 2020 and only 400,000 developers will be able to fill them, regardless of industry, web-development and coding on their resume will certainly benefit those interested.

Here below is  a list of job availability in some job sites.

7. web developer job description

The key responsibilities of a web developer are the followings:

  1. Design, develop and test web applications
  2. Posting text and media content in web applications
  3. Checking the speed and responsiveness of web applications
  4. To solve problems and solve them quickly
  5. Maintaining web applications and keeping them bug-free
  6. Uploading web applications to server platforms
  7. Changing web applications on a continuous basis

In addition to handling the responsibilities or tasks outlined above, web developer also helps their organization or client to choose the best hosting service for a website and other web applications.

8. Web developer skills requirements

The skills required from each web developer are:

1) Knowledge about designing

You even need to visualize the web design before you start coding anything. Web designing is usually the work of web designers but a good web developer must have some basic knowledge about web designing.

Web developers must know about mobile-friendly websites, they must have knowledge about responsive websites for all sizes and screen sizes.

2) Front-end web developement

Here are 3 basic technical terms and skills that are subject to front-end developers i.e. HTML, CSS and JS.

You cannot be a web developer without knowledge of HTML and CSS.


Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is the standard language for every web page and Internet.

HTML is the core coding and building block of the Internet. HTML basically creates a web page on the Internet.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a representation of HTML. It makes the whole thing look beautiful.

 CSS makes the HTML into a beautiful and attractive visualization by the use of font, colour and layout of the website.


JavaScript (JS) takes care of the website’s behaviour and conversations with visitors.

JS and JQuery make websites interactive and functional.

3) WordPress

WordPress is a free management or hosting tool for web development services. More than 25% of the websites are working through this.

WordPress is easily manageable as it has plugging and automated technology.

4) Basic knowledge for backend development

Even if you are working as a front-end developer, you must have some basic knowledge about back-end web development.

 This includes work on servers, APIs and SQL and databases.


You don’t need to create your own servers but you still need knowledge about how they work and how to manage them.


Interaction between the front-end and back-end application programming takes place through API.

You must know how they communicate.

SQL and Databases:

Websites store data using databases. You must have knowledge about their work.

9. Web developer career

Web development promises really bright career only if you are ready to adapt the advancement of technology. World is seeing greater and better technologies with passing of time, so adapting the change is required to be a successful web developer.

Becoming a web developer as a career can be a nice choice as it has real demand in job market.

            So, be positive and learn all the latest technologies, there will no lack of   opportunities for you.

10. Web developer resume

Even though resume reflects your ability and experience, still remember no one will ever give you a web developer job by seeing your resume only.

 Some features of great resume are:

  1. It should be less than 3 pages.
  2. Skill, ability and experience must be clear and easy to found.
  3. Resume should be professionally presented.

11. Web developer portfolio

You must spend a quality time to develop your portfolio. Portfolio is the website, where you will display all your hard works in an effective manner to make your employer impress that you are the one they are seeking for.

Your portfolio should have these features:

  1. Use of some advance technology
  2. List of websites you worked with along with link
  3. Have some of your beautiful works stored in Github and StackOverflow and link to your works.
  4. Present all your skills with practical work to back up.
  5. Display all your educational details

12. Go for job in company or freelancing

Once you have gathered all the skills required for a web developer, have done number of practical works with the skill and confident enough for delivering service to others, now you are for job.

You can work from your comfort zone and deliver web development service through your skill by freelancing.

You can also apply for job in job sites and work for a company.

Choice is yours; both are great depending on your interest.

You can also go an internship, if you want to prepare well for professional industry based job.

There are huge job vacancies and internships available in job sites. There are also many freelancing sites for working remotely from your home.

You can check out these websites for working from home:

Here are  the lists of some popular job sites for web developer:

For Start-up developer


Becoming a web developer does not require any expensive degree, you can gather some certifications for developing your skills.

In this article, you are informed the most necessary steps you need to take in order to become a successful web developer.

I hope your question how to become a web developer is answered. For more detail knowledge you can read the articles on Front end developer and Back end developer.

Let us recap the steps for becoming a web developer:

  1. Take a course and follow the instructor
  2. You can even start learning with HTML and CSS
  3. Then learn JavaScript and its frameworks
  4. Use the designing software to impart beauty in your work (ex. Canva)
  5. Learn about the UI and UX
  6. Spend some time in gathering back end knowledge
  7. Learn to use wordpress
  8. Gather knowledge of SEO
  9. Work practically to build some awesome sites
  10. Go for an internship or job in company or as a freelancer

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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