How to start learning python programming language for beginners?

How to start learning python programming language for beginners

This article will teach you, how to start learning Python programming language for beginners.

The high demand and the fact that some of the highest paying jobs in the market require Python programming must motivate you to learn this language. Beside it is easy to start learning Python programming language for beginners.

Learning any programming language may seem difficult at the beginning but if you really dedicated it will never be tough to learn. 

Python programming is one of the easiest languages to learn, it is also considered as the beginners language to begin the journey in the programming language. 

Here, in this article I am going to share with you how to start learning Python programming language for beginners, in 12 simple ways that will make your learning journey easier and systematic. 

1. How to learn Python?

Due to the simplicity of Python programming, it is considered to start learning Python programming language for beginners. 

You can learn Python programming language in several ways. You can even start with a free course from the online learning platforms.

But if you are really serious about becoming a professional then I would recommend you to go for a premium course. Because in premium course you will be guided by a professional thoroughly step by step from beginning to the destination.

You can even get some knowledge from watching YouTube videos on Python programming.

2. Python programming for the absolute beginners

If you are absolute new in programming then my suggestion for you to first make sure, why you want to learn this language.  Unless you know where you want to reach, you may reach in wrong destination. 

Go ahead and read some articles on the use or application of Python programming language.

Make sure, which field motivates you the most, and according to that take decision and start learning.

Once you are sure of your goal than start learning Python programming language as a beginners at the first step of learning.

3. How to start learning Python programming language as a beginner?

But before you step into the learning process of Python programming, go through this 12 easy process of learning Python languages for beginners. 

1. Find out an area of your interest to learn Python

Python is a general purpose programming language. So Python can be used in different areas of Technology. 

Some of the top areas where Python programming is used are: 

  1. Data Science and Data Visualization
  2. Machine learning
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4.  Business application
  5.  software development
  6.  Desktop application
  7.  Web development
  8.  scientific computing etc.

You can read about these areas in details and understand which field seems more interesting to you.

2. Find a distraction free place and time

 Distraction has enough capability to kill your learning efficiency and productivity.

 Little distraction can affect a lot on your learning sequence.

Our human mind cannot process two things at a time, so when you process anything else than your learning by default your learning get severely hampered. It takes pretty long time to come back to your normal learning process.

Some frequent distraction can be:

  • When someone call you or ask you something.
  • Ringing of your mobile phone or messages in your mobile.
  • Trying to do multitasking.
  • Noise in your learning place.
  • Presence of any chatty person and the list goes on.

So finding a distraction free place and time for your learning is crucial.

3. Learn first the important topics for beginners in Python

Before you deep drive, it is extremely necessary to learn about the basic of the Python programming. First of all focus on the syntax of the Python.

Python programming language has some set of rules which says how the Python programs will be written, these rules are called Syntax of the Python.

Make sure you understood other all basic concepts like:

  • I/O operations
  • Data Storage Objects
  • Operators for Data manipulation and Comparison
  • Basic Data Types
  • Functions
  • File Handling Operations
  • Conditional Statements
  • Exception Handling
  • Loop Structures
  • Operations on String Variables
  • Importing Modules
  • Object Oriented Programming

4. Make a habit of coding everyday

Before you even chose to learn Python programming, you must be mentally ready and determined to code every day.

A programmer cannot be a guest in coding rather a diligent and regular person in coding.

You must build a habit of coding every day just as you brush your teeth every day.

5. Take the important notes and review them in weekend

Study says that when you take note along with your learning, it retain much longer time in your mind.

So, if you will note of all the important or difficult things during your learning, it will make you a better programmer.

Go through your notes at every weekend or at the end of your learning period, it will surely work to improve your retention.

6. Go for walk or breaks

Sitting continuously before the computer screen and writing programs for long time can severely pressure on your mind and health.

So, make sure to take break after certain interval, during this break time go a walk, see the nature or talk to friends and family.

Remember more close to nature we are healthier mind and body we will have. So, let your coding not take you away from nature.

Specially, when you face a bug in your coding, don’t be disturb rather just go a break and refresh your mind than come back to fix the bug.

7. Let not bugs in code discourage you

Facing bugs in your code will be a usual giant to face in your regular programming.

But when you face bug don’t be disturbed rather take it as a challenge; think that these entire bug fixing is ultimately making you a better programmer.

Be a hunter of the bugs and reward yourself saying that now you are one step ahead to your destination.

8. Be an active and interactive member of Python communities

Remember the old African proverb that says “If you want to go quicklygo aloneIf you want to go fargo together.” 

Becoming a programmer is not a journey of a day rather it takes a long time to reach to your destination. So you need companion in order to be a steady and better programmer.

Fortunately, there are many communities available in different platforms on Python programming.

  • Be an active member in Facebook Python groups.
  • Discuss the topics with your fellow programmer in forums that Python cantered.
  • Read the blogs on Python programming and interact with them.
  • Visit the Python meet ups in your local area, go and have friendship with the people in your field of programming.

9. Watch videos on YouTube related to your topics

YouTube can be used as a powerful tool to boost your knowledge. 

It is a free platform where you can find many Python programmers uploaded videos related to your topic.

Gather some great ideas or information from YouTube.

10. Work on practical projects

Your learning is confirmed only by your practical projects, so Build some practical projects as you are learning.

These are some resources will be your best friend during your learning journey and building practical projects:

  • Python documentation
  • Google
  • StackOverflow
  • Github
  • Blogs on Python projects

Find some projects that other people have made and try to extend them or try to make like them.

11. Be a contributor

When you are learning, it is important that you be a good contributor because your contribution of today will return fruit tomorrow.

Find some non profit organization that need your skill, work for them and contribute your skill. It will only make you better programmer with skill reference.

Find some projects that contributed by other programmers in Github and try to make better project than that and contribute.

12. Have a spirit of learning regularly and continuously

Remember only the ‘Slow and steady wins the race‘, be regular in your coding and hold on till the bitter end.

Gradually, move towards the harder projects. Every project of yours proofs that you are moving ahead.

Have patience and move on, success is yours.

4. Where to learn Python?

Begin your learning with online prerecorded or live classes. You can have some good books on Python programming.

You can also watch YouTube videos to learn the basic of Python.

It is recommended that go for a Bestselling or Highest rated Python programming course, so that you get an excellent learning environment and do not waste time on low quality course.

As you start learning Python programming language as a beginner, choosing the right course in crucial.

5. Best online courses for learning Python

Here are some of the Bestselling and Highest rated courses for Python programming.


I hope now you know how to start leaning Python Programming language as a beginner. Now is the time to begin your journey of learning.

 I have done a thorough research to find out the best courses that have benefitted many students to reach to their goal of becoming a Python developer.

You can go ahead and enroll in any of the courses that suit you best and begin a journey towards the magical world of Python programming.

Let us review the major takeaways from this article:

  • Learning Python will open doors of many opportunities before you.
  • Before beginning your journey, make sure which field motivate you the most.
  • Begin with the basics of Python programming.
  • Build projects by yourself.
  • Associate with the people of your field.
  • At beginning don’t think for money rather be a good programmer by contributing to different platforms.
  • Never give up, remember if other can do than you too can do.
  • Take a online course and follow your instructor, complete all the task and assignments, don’t procrastinate.
  • If you are steady than be sure you will reach to the ultimate success.


If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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