30 useful most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home

30 useful most profitable and high income skills to learn at home

You will learn about ‘the top 30 most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home’ from this article.

Possessing in-demand skills increases your demand in job market. There are many high income skills, those can be learned from home at your comfort zone, thanks to the modern technology.

With a computer with internet connection, it is possible to learn many skills from anywhere.  Gone are those days when you need to travel far distance to learn skill.

Online learning skills can be freely available on YouTube or through some free courses, or you may go for paid online courses, which are very cheap and affordable for anyone.

1. What are high income skills?

High income skills are a skill through which you provide value to the work in the marketplace. You are paid by solving the problems of others through your skills that are highly in demand. 

Due to the immense and constant rise in the technology industry, it became very vital to have the in-demand and highly paid technical skills that can solve real problems in the Marketplace. 

 It takes some time to learn and develop  those technical skills but surely they give better returns. 

Once you develop and become an expert in those skills it becomes your property for your entire life, you can provide service to any one from any location.

The goal of this article is to guide you through most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

List of High income skills

Here is the list of High Income Skills:

1. Data Science

2. Machine Learning

3. Android development

4. iOS Development

5. Game Development

6. Software engineering

7. Cyber Security

8. Digital marketing

9. Copywriting

10. Web designing and development

11. WordPress

12. Social Media Marketing

13. Facebook Advertising

14. SEO

15. Email marketing

16. Google Analytics

17. Affiliate marketing

18. Advanced skill in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

19. Microsoft Access

20. Accounting and Finance

21. AutoCAD

22. Project Management

23. Personal Finance

24. Graphic Design

25. Bookkeeping

26. Cloud Computing

27. Blogging

28. Video Editing

29. Photography

30. Animation skill

2. Useful most profitable and high income skills to learn at home

1. Data Science

Data science is a high paying skill with promising future, considered as the most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

It is a field that uses row data can be structural or unstructured data. In data science scientific methods and processes are applied to extract insightful data that can be used to bring growth to business or organization.

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, data mining and big data all are related to data science.

There are numerous vacancies available in several job sites. Data science is one of the highly demanded and highest paying job in market.

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning is programming with computer algorithms where artificial intelligence is applied to teach a computer system how to do certain task or solving problems. It is a high demanding, most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home

In Machine learning the ability to learn automatically and improve from the previous experience without being programmed is implemented through artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is one of the trending skills with high salary and many vacancies.

3. Android development

Android development is simply developing app or applications that can run on android operating system.

Android apps can be developed with the help of android software development tool on Android Studio by using the languages like Java, C++ and Kotlin.

Java is largely used language for developing Android app and its APIs.

With the great number of mobile and tablets running on Android, the demand of android app is on rise.

4. iOS Development

An ios is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc.

 An ios developer is responsible for creating and developing the applications that can be used in ios operating system platform.

Due to the rise of ios mobiles, the need of ios application has increased. It indicates that learning ios development skills give enough capable to give you good job with promising growth.

5. Game Development

Game developers are the people with creativity, math skills and programming languages.

They develop games for computer and mobile to provide entertainment to people.

Developing game is a great skill to learn as it open the door for making a handsome amount of money. Developing games begins with the designing of game with ideas, drawing and rules, than developer write codes to turn the concept of designing into real game that can be played with.

6. Software engineering

Software plays a very vital role in almost every industry and different industry requires different software to make its work easy and efficient.

This software is developed by the software engineer who applies engineering to the design, development and implementation of the software in systematic approach.

Software programming is a part of computer science where software engineer develop the software using programming languages. 

The principalities of engineering are imparted in the process of developing software. Software can be very simple or even very complex; it is used in organizations and businesses to run their work.

7. Cyber Security

Cyber security deals with the protection of device, data or network from any kind of unwanted or unauthorized access that can steal or damage and harm any organisation or company. It is one of the most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

The primary step for protection is to understand the risks, how hacker works, what malicious code is and what Vulnerabilities are.

A cyber security specialist is expert in all those terms and they work with companies or organisation to protect the system and data.

8. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is promoting or advertising about an organisation or company through using digital media platforms such as, blogging, YouTube, Facebook etc.

It is one of the very popular skills as the use of mobile and the digital media is in rapid growth.

Digital marketing deals with many concepts of marketing to bring growth in a business. It is cost affective, fast and analysable.

In digital marketing, exactly how your advertise is working, how people clicked on your ads and others many details can be tracked and analysed for better performance.

9. Copywriting

Copywriting is an art to sell or persuade a reader to take a specific action by writing. It is known as a most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

There is big difference between copywriting and content writing. Content writing deals with branding or informing about a business. But copywriting is writing with a specific goal to persuade a reader to buy a product or service.

It is a skill that needs a lot of research and time to become an expert.

The purpose of copywriting can be:

  • Selling a product or service on your website
  • subscribe for your newsletter
  • visit your website
  • request a demo
  • Donate to a non-profit organisation.

10. Web designing and development

A web designer understand the need of the client and as per need design the frame of web pages by using different tools. It is the first stage of a web development.

Once the designing of web pages is completed than the web developer start coding using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages to the design into the live website.

The demand of web designer and web developer is on rise as more and more websites are requiring for the small to large all sector of business to expand their growth.

11. WordPress

WordPress is content management system that allows you to make a website even without learning to code.

It provides ability to write, edit and publish the content on your website easily. The content can be text, photo, audio files or even videos.

WordPress is very powerful due to its numerous plugins and theme facility. You can easily extant the functionalities of your website by using the free plugins available in its repository.

Many websites in internet are built on WordPress, from building and running a blog to ecommerce site, all are possible through WordPress.

12. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is marketing on the social media platforms to connect with the right audience to build a brand or increase sale.

It is also used to increase traffic in a website and to rank in Google search. Social media marketing is a most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

Some of the social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Social media marketing involves:

  • Creating and publishing attractive and informative content on your social media platforms.
  • Engaging with the followers and helping them.
  • Running ads on your social media platforms.
  • Analysing the result of your content or advertise.

13. Facebook Advertising

As the users of Facbook is increasing almost everyday and people spends a quality time on Facebook, it is no doubt that advertising on Facebook is a powerful way to promote a business or brand.

You can grow a business by the help of Facebook page and Facebook ads.

In order to be an expert Facebook advertiser, you need to learn how it works and practically apply in a business.

Reason for using Facebook ads:

  • It is the most popular social media platform.
  • Larger demography makes facebook a powerful platform.
  • People spend average 40 minutes per day on facebook.
  • User of facebook is increasing rapidly.
  • Facebook is dominating platform among other all social media platform.
  • Reaching to the specific target group and analysing facilities makes your ads cost effective.

14. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing a website to be found and ranked in Google search. It is one of the most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

A website can get numerous traffics by ranking in Google search. As the people search and land in a website, the authority of the site is established and chances of sale are very high.

There are many factors that Google demand to rank a site. In order to be a SEO expert, you need to know on-page seo, off-page seo and technical seo factors.

Some reason for SEO is:

  • Organic traffics can become major source of income for a business.
  • SEO adds trust and credibility to a website.
  • It increases engagement and conversion.
  • SEO is relatively cheaper than ads.
  • It can give you profit for long run.

15. Email marketing

In email marketing first the email address are collected from people showed interest in business, by different ways.

Now email is send to them with a particular purpose and goal. Email marketing can be used to enhance the relationship or with selling intent.

Many time businesses sends special offer by email to build the relation for longer run.

Some reasons for using email marketing:

  • It is cheaper and cost effective.
  • Email can be sent to the ideal consumer.
  • Through analytics response of email can be tracked. So, it is measurable.

16. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a well known tool for understanding customer’s activity, habits, behaviour and choices.  It is a free software-as-a-service web analytics tool that is developed maintained by Google. 

Google analytics is a must have tool for specially the e-commerce websites. It provides valuable insights about the visitors of the website to improve or make activities of the business owner more effective.

Some reason for using Google Analytics:

  • It provides the insights about customer’s behaviour like where they come from.
  • Google analytics provides data about which devices are more used by the visitor like desktop, mobile, android or Mac, so that website can be optimised better for those devices.
  • It also let you know which content on the website is getting more traffic and receiving more engagement.
  • This tool says how many pages the visitor saw.
  • Google analytics gives details about are the visitor coming from paid ads or organic search.

17. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting the product or service of other companies or business and when it is sold, you get a commission.

You can do this by sitting at your comfort zone at any time or from anywhere.

Some benefits of affiliate marketing skill are:

  • You don’t need any product or service to make.
  • It can be started easily just by having a website.
  • No experience needed.
  • You can start even without any investment.
  • Gives you freedom to work from anywhere.
  • It is a lucrative industry.
  • You can track all the sales.
  • It can be a good of supplementary income.
  • Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money.

18. Advanced skill in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Having advance skill in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint software can land you in high paying jobs, as the demand of these software exists in the job market. Due to the wide use of these software, they are counted as the most profitable and high income job skills to learn at home.

Many companies and business use Ms Excel for handling data.

From managing email to performing data analysis on spreadsheet many computer based task can be accomplished through using Microsoft Office software.

Some reason for using Microsoft software:

  • You can use different Microsoft software for multipurpose, Like excel for handling data, Word for writing CV or cover letter, PowerPoint for presentation.
  • Microsoft keeps your data safe and secure.
  • There are tons of tutorials available on YouTube to learn from.
  • They are easy to use.
  • Online support from Microsoft.
  • You can access to your files anytime and from anywhere through Office 365.
  • Around 20% of the world’s population use MS office software.
  • Many businesses use this software.

19. Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a tool or database management system for storing and managing large amount of information for analysis, references or reporting.

 Large amount of data can be managed easily and efficiently in Microsoft Access than any spreadsheet software.

Some benefits of using Microsoft Access are:

  • It provides higher productivity.
  • Databases of Microsoft Access securely control your data.
  • You can gain better decision by analyzing data in a database.
  • It is eay to creating database  system in Microsoft Access.
  • Easy available of help and support.

20. Accounting and Finance

Accounting deals with the flow of money in and out of a business on a day basis. And Finance deals with the broader area like managing where to allocate the assets for better growth etc.

A good skill on accounting and finance can open many doors of opportunities before you. Many businesses are looking for skilled person in accounting and finance who can deal with their data in most productive and efficient way to produce best result.

Accounting :

  • Prepare the records of accounting.
  • Monitor day to day operation of accounting
  • Prepare balance sheets, loss and profit ledger and statement of cash flow.

Finance :

  • Take decision regarding the assets and liabilities.
  • Predict the future performance of the assets.
  • Plan for the growth of the business.

21. AutoCAD

AutoCAD is computer aided design program for drafting plans and blueprints. It is a commercial software used for 2D and 3D design.

  • It is used for designing by professionals.
  • AutoCAD software provides easy customisation option.
  • It allows modifying the design as per requirement.

22. Project Management

Project management is planning and organizing a specific task of an organization to move towards successful achievement.

  • Task gets initiated in first stage.
  • Planning takes place to complete the task with success.
  • Task gets executed with certain process.
  • The task is monitored to push the task towards closing without failing.
  • Closing the task or event with success and achieving the goal.

A lot of planning and managing labours are imparted in the task for accomplishing the goal. If the goal is achieved with success then it is called a successful project management.

23. Personal Finance

Personal Finance deals with the finance of a individual to use it in the most benefited manner for the retirement or child’s education etc.

It depends on the income and expenses of an individual.

Personal Finance is very important  as it determines how the finance is used, because it will affect on future of that person.

Here are some of the advantages of planning for personal finance:

  • The individual will use the finance in an ordered way.
  • It will save from misusing or wasting money.
  • You will be forced to have a budget.
  • It will keep you peaceful financially.
  • Personal finance will help to run the family best way.

24. Graphic Design

Graphic designing solve the problem with the visual communication. Graphic designer uses different software for the purpose of solving problem or providing better service to bring growth in an organization directly or indirectly.

It includes creativity and software skills, merging both and creating amazing result.

Due to the technological advancement, now graphics plays an essential role in the internet. People love images than words. Our human eyes love to see great and creative graphics.

As it is said, an image speaks thousand words. So the role and demand of graphic designer is increasing every day.

Some tools that graphic designer uses are:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustration software
  • Canva
  • Google
  • Camera
  • Computer

25. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is all about the right process of keeping the record of the transaction in an account book of a business in a right way.

The main goals of bookkeeping are:

  • To find out the progress or growth of the business.
  • Let you know that how much money was received and how much is payable.
  • To determine the profit or loss of the business.
  • Help you to understand the tax amount.

Some of the best bookkeeping software is:

  • SlickPie
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero

26. Cloud Computing

When you store and access data or programs over the internet rather than using the hard drive of your computer is basically call Cloud computing. Cloud related to internet and computing related to hard disk or software.

Cloud computing is highly secure and cost effective, it is also faster.

Resources of cloud computing is flexible; you just need to pay for the service you are using. This helps you in reduction of cost.  In cloud computing you use software or data from internet or other computer, due to this the speed and efficiency of your computer become better and work process become more faster.

You don’t need to buy a bunch of software or services before your business need them, rather you take the service as your business grow, You can scale the service along with your business.

Three different kinds of service model are there in Cloud computing:

  • Software as a service or SaaS: It allows to use software application.
  • Platform as a service or PaaS: It allows for programming languages and provide tools to create application.
  • Infrastructure as a service or IaaS: It allow to run different kinds of software.

10 Best and Top Cloud Computing Companies are:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • VMWare
  • IBM Cloud
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Alibaba Cloud

27. Blogging

Blog is like a website where you can write about your thoughts, knowledge, research and any other things than you want to share with a huge number of audience over internet. 

The main difference between a website and a blog is, in website you don’t add content regularly but in blog you add content regularly.

Blog also can be like an online magazine.

Some benefits of blogging are:

  • It helps you to share your knowledge with others worldwide.
  • You can earn huge amount of money, if you work seriously.
  • Become your own boss.
  • You have freedom to work according to your convenient time.
  • Make money even while you are sleeping in your comfort zone.
  • Your blog can become your brand if you work sincerely.
  • Get freedom work from anywhere; you just need a computer with internet service.

How to start blogging?

  • Decide a niche to blog for
  • Take a domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress in hosting
  • Design your website
  • Start writing blogs
  • Monetize your blogs

28. Video Editing

With the rise of video platforms and their popularity, now video became one of the most necessary and effective mean to convey the knowledge and ideas with others.

Video editing is in highly demand and this demand will be continuously on rise in future, simply because people love to watch videos and internet services are becoming better by applying better technologies.

Now video editing can be done for different purposes. And for different purpose different types of video editing software are required.

Video editing Professionals primarily use one of these software:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  • Avid Media Composer

The another category of  video editing software are for the purpose of amateur:

  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Filmora
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie

These software are less advanced in feature and can be learned and used easily. They are cheaper and even some can be free.

29. Photography

Photography is simply capturing the light through a camera.

Photography skill can be treasure as people love photos, we all use photos in almost our day to day’s life in different ways.

Almost every website need great photos, photography is an integral part of all our special occasion. These all shows that need of great photos are immense.

Some best practices for a professional photographer:

  • Use a professional quality camera.
  • Need a tripod for better productivity.
  • Use creativity.
  • Carry your camera everywhere.
  • Welcome mistakes and try better.

30. Animation skill

Animation cover almost from children to elderly people, it is used in many areas like in Cartoons, entertainment, gaming, business, Film, education etc.

It is used as a very flexible means of conveying idea or knowledge from young to old.

There is a great boom in this huge industry of animation. Now the days, animations are used much more due its cope up with the technology and producing better effect.

Some benefits of animation are:

  • It is used for multipurpose.
  • People like animation.
  • Animation helps to display many critical concepts in an interesting way.
  • Many business uses animation for direct or indirect growth.
  • Animation is even used in education field for explaining the idea in clear manner.
  • Cartoon, game and film require animation to make them more appealing and effective.
  • Animation is used for the purpose of entertainment.

3. How to learn High Income Skills

Learning high income skills is not difficult in this era of advance technology. There are numerous opportunities available for learning the new high income skills.

First of all it requires your passionate desire to learn.

Find the High income skill that motivates you the most.

Then proceed for learning.

1. Go for free courses and YouTube video tutorials

You can learn a lot of basic concepts from watching YouTube tutorials and free courses. 

There are many YouTube channels on almost every niche. Many online learning platforms provide free courses on basic concepts or free trial for certain time.

But to get professional skill, the free mediums may not be sufficient.

2. Invest in a Bestselling or Highest rated course

There are many Bestselling or Highest rated course available to learn the skills from the comfort zone of your home. 

Many courses are made up of pre-recorded videos, which even help to learn from your own convenient time.

4. Where to learn the Best high income skills

There are many ways or platforms to learn the most profitable and high income job skills at home.

Here is a list of best online learning platforms to explore. Many experts in different skills are present here to help you to learn the skills and master them.

  • udemy.com
  • skillshare.com
  • coursera.org
  • teachable.com
  • udacity.com
  • edureka.co


In this article I have given a list of 30 useful most profitable and high income skills to learn from your home at your own comfort. Gone are those days when you travel a long distance with a lot of difficulty to learn a profitable skill.

With the boon in technology, now it is very much possible to learn the useful and high income skills just by sitting at your home with the help of a computer connected with internet.

There are number of great learning resources available on different platforms. The basic concepts can be learned freely through YouTube or free courses but if you are really serious, than you can go for investing in some bestselling or highly rated courses that can enhance your skill to the next level to make you a professional.

There are many professional teacher are available on different online learning platforms to guide you through a proper learning process.


If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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