How to Become A Front-End Developer (Complete Guide)

How to Become A Front-End Developer (Complete Guide)
Need of websites are rapidly increasing as the internet users are growing every day. So, the demand of front-end developer is also in rise to develop the website and meet the market need. So, how to become a front-end developer is a great question to ask.

When you visit a website you see many things going on in the site. You may wonder who creates all these things. That’s the work of a front-end web developer.

In this article, I will guide you through a complete road map to become a front-end developer.

1. What is front-end development?

Front-end web development is developing everything that a user see in a website. It is done by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Front-end developer ensures that information is provided to the users of website in relevant manner and easy way. Front end developers are responsible for this task.

a.) Front-end meaning

Front end is everything of a website or software, where the users interact. It is the interface for the users of website or software.

Some front end elements are :-

  • Text contents
  • Images
  • Audio or video
  • Navigation bar
  • Buttons and links

b.) Is it front end or front-end?

“Front end” is used as a noun. Example: My job is to look after front end.

“Front-end” is used as an adjective. Example: I do job as a front-end developer.

2. How to become a front end developer?

There are many stairs to climb to be a professional front-end developer. But those can be summarised in 6 steps.

You can reach to your goal by following these simple steps.

a.) Buy a Bestselling or Highest rated Course / Go for free courses

Surely, there are many ways to learn front-end development even freely. You can take some free courses and follow the course. But you will not get a proper and complete learning sequence in free. You have to jump from here to there, which terribly disturbs the learning sequence.

So Buying a Bestselling or Highest rated Course is a great way that will lead you towards your goal in an order along with certification.

b.) Practice Regularly

It does not matter, how great the course is, and if you are not ready to practice regularly it will not take you to your goal.

It is your practice that will make you perfect in development, not the course.

So, before you buy the course be prepared to practice a lot and regularly.

c.) Enhance the skills

Make it sure that you are willing to enhance the skills as technology progresses. More up-to-date you are with the skills; better you are in front-end development.

d.) Build websites by yourself

Develop many websites by imputing your front-end development skills; they will be your assets to get a good job. More website you build by using your skill more experience and confident you become.

e.) Go for an internship

Internship can be a great way to start your professional journey. It gives you hand on industry ready knowledge. It also make you completely ready for job.

f.) Land in job

Now as you are ready for job, start exploring job openings and apply.

You can also work as a freelancer to provide front-end development service around the world by sitting at your home.

3. Front-end web developer jobs

There are thousands of front end web developer job available in several job sites.

As the demand of front end developer is in rise, so the job availability.

a.) Front end developer job openings

A great number of new front end developer jobs are opening every day.

Here is a list of job availabilities in some job sites at present.
Job sites Job availabilities

b.) Is front end development in demand?

Front end developers play vital role in any website or app development.

As a result, the need of front end developers is constantly increasing. The demand of front end developer is significantly increasing compared to a few years back.

4. front end web developer salary

The salary of a front end developer depends upon the skill sets possessed by the developer.
You can expect very good salary if you possess a good number of needed skills.

If you are skilled in JavaScript, Angular.js, React and jQuery, than you can get a handsome earning.

a.) front end developer salary in USA

According to, the average salary of a front end developer in USA is $108113 per year.

According to, the national average salary of a front-end developer is $76929 in USA.

b.) front end web developer salary in India

According to, the average salary of a front end developer / engineer in India is Rs. 487699.

According to, average front end developer salary in India is Rs. 474527.

5. Front-end developer job description.

Front end developers are specialized to design and develop the website that users see. It is done by using computer programming.

Front end developer’s job is to make the user’s interaction with the web pages easy and smooth.

They are responsible to implement the visual elements in the website. So that user can interact with the web page.

a.) front end developer roles and responsibilities

Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of a front end developer
  • Designing and creating web pages that are user friendly.

  • Maintaining the website with continuous improvement.

  • Optimizing the web pages or application for maximum loading speed.

  • Designing with features that are mobile based.

  • Creating responsible websites for mobile, tablets and laptop.

  • Working together with back end developer for usability improvement.

  • Preparing mock-ups and prototypes for quality design.

  • Being up-to-date with the technology progress for better performance.

  • Using multiple programming languages to create great websites.

  • Imparting quality graphics and visual elements in the web pages to make them more interactive.

b.) front end developer requirements

Here is a list of requirements expected from a front end developer.
  • Experience in developing web pages or applications.

  • Thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and modern page layout technologies.

  • Experience with responsive layout and page design.

  • Experience with JavaScript.

  • Strong visual design sense.

  • Familiarity with website optimization techniques.

  • Working knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and libraries (eg. jQuery, Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js, etc)

6. Future of front end development

You may ask, Is front end development dying? Answer is no, not at all. Rather it is taking new shapes with modern touch and constantly growing.

As the recruitment of front end developers are in rise in the companies, it gives a clear indication of its great future.

It is obvious that, front end developers must be progressive along with the advancement of technology to be part of the great future.

Front end developers must be adoptable with the followings.
  • Constant changes that are taking place in front end development.

  • New frameworks and libraries that are being part of it.

  • Due to the mobile-first approach, front-end developer must adopt mobile usability technologies.
In short, front end development is not dying rather becoming brighter.

7. Is front end development a good career

The high-quality code is in constant demand and growth, and it indicates the career in front end is surely a good choice.

Here is some reasons, why front end developer is a good career:
  • Need of high-quality coding expert is in demand.

  • Huge increment in job opening.

  • Pay off good salary for skilled people in multiple languages.

8. Front end developer road map

Road map is a planned strategy to reach to a desired goal.

Here, I am going to provide you the road map for a front end developer.

This is the list of 5 skills `you need to learn step by step to be a front-end developer:
  • Step 1: Learn and practice HTML and CSS
  • Step2: Learn to use Bootstrap
  • Step3: Gather knowledge on UI/UX designing
  • Step4: Learn JavaScript
  • Step5: Learn a front end framework (Recommended – React JS)
  1. You should start your journey of front-end developer by learning HTML and CSS.
    HTML and CSS are two core technologies o f web pages. HTML gives structure to the web pages and CSS the layout for different devices.
  2. When you have learned and practiced enough, then move on to Bootstrap.
    Learn to use Bootstrap; it is a free open source CSS framework, and start building some great responsive and mobile-first front end web development.
  3. Next step is to learn some basics of UI and UX design.
    So that you will create a beautiful and appropriate user interface and provide a great user experience to the users of your site.
  4. Once you are confident, next start learning JavaScript, to make your site interactive.
  5. When you have learned and practice enough JavaScript, then it is the time to learn a front-end framework. Learn jQuery for building small apps and React for medium or large apps.
Most importantly, remember you need to practice enough in every steps of your learning journey. Only learning with practice will lead you towards your goal to become a confident front-end developer.

9. How to get started to learn front end development

Starting a journey to achieve a skill to be professional can be overwhelming. But always remember “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” by Lao Tzu.

Here are the 5 simple steps to start to learn front end development:

  • Have a laptop or desktop with at least Intel i3 CPU, 4GB RAM and 1920 x 1080 resolution displays. (Recommended – Intel i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and 1920 x 1080 resolution display)

  • Find a distraction free place to learn as distraction can be your real great enemy to learn coding. Fix a time, when you will not be disturbed by anyone and anything.

  • Buy a Bestselling or Highest rated course on front-end development.

  • Build some static web pages using HTML and CSS.

  • Now, move on following the front-end development Road map discussed above.

10. Front-end development skills

As you are looking to be a front-end developer, you must know the skills that will make you the first choice to your employer or a successful developer.

I have done a thorough research on to provide you the actual skills that employers are looking for. You can be prepared on those skills and be their first choice.

a). Essential skills required for front end developer.

  • working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Knowledge of React and/or similar JS frameworks

  • Knowledge of front-end build tools (Webpack, etc.)

  • Expertise with UI/UX on large scale responsive websites

  • Strong ability to debug cross-browser issues

  • Knowledge of version control systems such as Subversion and Git

  • Knowledge of SEO best practices

  • Understanding of MySQL Databases, cPanel and PhpMyAdmin

  • Strong analytical and communication skills

b). Additional desired skills

  • WordPress skills

  • Experience developing tablet / mobile applications.

  • Experience developing Mobile applications.

  • Knowledge of AWS, in particular, S3, RDS with Oracle, and EC2.

  • Experience with Progressive Web Apps.

  • Knowledge of Swift, Kotlin, or Java to develop native mobile apps.

  • Machine Learning or AI development experience.

  • familiarity with Java, PHP, or another backend language

c). Additional character traits

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

  • Strong work ethic and positive attitude.

  • Desire to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

  • Ability to multi-task and grow in a fast paced environment

11. Front end developer certification course

Here is the list of the best selling or Highest rated courses :

  1. The complete 2020 web development bootcamp (udemy)
  2. Front End Web Development Bootcamp – Build a Twitter Clone (udemy)

12. Best books for front end web development

To learn front end development most of the people go to video courses but books can also a powerful tool to understand the concepts in more efficient and in depth manner.

Here below is a list of books that will help you to be a better developer of front end web.

  • HTML and CSS: Design and build websites, by Jon Duckett:
This book took an amazing approach as it –

* Provides the knowledge of HTML and CSS in a easily understood way for the people from any background. Anyone can start leaning by easy and beginner friendly explanation provided in this book.

* Takes an engaging way to explain HTML and CSS in simple and attractive manner by displaying several graphics and lifestyle photography.

* Teaches with a unique style to lead you to progress from beginning to end with a comprehensive understanding.
  • JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development, by Jon Duckett:
*This book delivers core programming concepts of JavaScript and jQuery.

* It described the topics with powerful and motivated examples and displayed diagrams that are easy to understand.

* It teaches to learn the scripts from scratch, leads from beginner level to expert level in a easy to follow way.

* If you are thinking of creating an efficient and rich web experience and portray your creative ideas through coding, then this book will be a great choice for you.
  • Learning Web Design: A beginner’s guide to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Web Graphics, By Jennifer Niederst Robbins::
* This book has a lot of exercises to practically experiment with the code and to develop a clear understanding.

* You will gather detail knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics of web and designing responsive web pages through this book.

* Even though the title mentioned that it is a beginners book, it also shared a great deal of in-depth of knowledge in designing responsive web pages.
  • Eloquent Javascript: by Marijn Haverbake::
* In this book the author has explained the topics and added some project works to test your knowledge.

* This book guides you through step by step from fundamentals to expert level.

* This book covered all the essential topics that you must know of.

13. How long does it take to become a front end developer?

Learning to code is not just reading book or watching lessons in video course. It demands a lot of practice. So more you practice better you become.
  1. HTML and CSS around 1 month.
  2. JavaScript around 6 months.
  3. Overall 6-7 months to become a front-end developer.
  • Understanding the concepts of HTML and CSS may take 1-2 weeks, if you are spending at least 4-5 hours per day. But in order to practice and be confident it may take 1 month of time with regular 4-5 hours of practice daily.

  • JavaScript language is quite complex. So learning it takes a lot of practice. It may take 6 months, if you dedicately code regularly and spending at least 4-5 hours per day.

  • So, over all 6-7 months with real hard work with so much of practice, you will become a front-end developer.

14. Front end developer tools

Using the right tools can make your work easy and smooth. To be a successful front-end developer, you must know the required tools.

Check out this list of tools essential for a front-end developer.

  • Atom (recommended), or sublime test / visual studio code.
  • HTML5 boilerplate.
  • (resource for developer)
  • (resource for developer)
  • Google fonts
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • vue.js
  • React JS
  • Angular JS
  • Less
  • Git
  • canva
  • Font Awesome
  • Codepen (recommended) or JSBin
  • (w3c mark up validation)
  • Pixabay / Unsplash / pexels
  • Chrome Dev Tools / Firefox Page Inspector / Microsoft Edge Developer Tools / Safari web inspector

15. Front end developer languages

The front end side of a website, where users interact with directly is build by using some languages.

Here, those front-end languages are discussed below:

  • HTML: – HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark up language. It is used to give structure to the web pages. HTML is the combination of hypertext and mark up languages. Hyper text builds links between the web pages and mark up language is used for text documentation within tags.

  • CSS:– CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is design language to impart beauty in the html code. It makes the web pages attractive by applying styles in it.

  • JavaScript:– Where html and CSS builds a static web page, JavaScript make it interactive for the users. It is used in a website to enrich the site with functionality. It is used to create games and web-based software.

16. List of front end technologies

There are some great benefits provided by front-end technologies.
  • Elements or templates can be reused.
  • Optimising code and debugging.
  • Automating the task.
There are numerous front-end technologies. But as a beginner, first of all, you must know the top front-end technologies.

Here is a list of top and most demanded front-end technologies :

  • Bootstrap : It is great technology to develop responsive websites. It provides some amazing benefits to developers, like – Responsive Grid, Several components and responsive images.
  • React : React is a highly demanded front-end technology. It is an open-source library for front end. Developer can reuse code and debug, develop SEO friendly and responsive front-end works. Facebook support and maintain the React.
  • Angular : Angular is an open-source JavaScript front-end technology. It is very popular for it’s advantages. This front-end technology is maintained by Google. It helps developer for higher quality of code and eases testing.
  • js : Vue.js is a framework for web. It is used to build user interfaces by the developers. It is a highly demanded front-end technology for developers. It’s popularity is growing continuously.
  • GitHub : GitHub is site that provide great opportunity to develop and upload the code and manage it on GitHub website. Most developers love to use Git as the version control system.

17. Best front end JavaScript frameworks list

Front-end frameworks play the most vital role in developing software. As the user experience is the most important matter in a development of application, developer has many options to choose the right framework.

Here is the list of Top 3 front-end JavaScript frameworks :

  • React : It is a powerful framework for high traffic and stable platform. React stands out because of its Virtual Document Object Model (DOM).

  • Angular : Angular stand out for its two-way data binding feature. Any change in the model can be instantly reflected on the view.

  • Vue.js : It helps to handle multiple tasks. It offers visual DOM and two-way binding. Vue.js is one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks.

18. Tips to become a better front end developer

  • Get a mentor and follow mentor’s footprint
It is good and time saving to be under the guidance of a mentor. You will be saved from the mistakes that your mentor already committed.

If you follow the footstep of your mentor, you will reach where your mentor in now.

You will get the advices and guidance, those are priceless.

Your journey will become easier, as you have someone to approach in the time of need in your journey to become a front end web developer.
  • Practice and improve your skills
Your practice will make you to reach to your goal of becoming a front-end developer from a researcher on how to become a front end developer.

If you are following a course, then complete all the task given by the instructor, do not be lazy in this or don’t seek for a short cut way.

Be sincere in your each and every assignment, it will improve your skill and help you to become a better front end developer.
  • Take the advantages of helpful sources and tools
Helpful sources and right tools will make your work easier and efficient. So, make use of all the helpful source and tools that are mentioned in the article above.

Using right tools will save your lot of time, and help you with additional advantages.
  • Get some work experience
When you learned skill and practice enough, now is the time to make your feet wet by getting some work experience.

Your employers may seek for some real work experience, so how can you do that?

Here is a list of ways you can get work experience:

  • a) Go for a short term front-end developer internship. Do not be reluctant to work without good payment or without payment. Make sure you get recommendation or testimonials.

  • b) Approach to your nearby small business and tell them about your skills and how better you can make their websites, do it with very low cost or freely but get recommendation or testimonials as an award.

  • c) Give your contribution on GitHub open-source projects.
Display all those work experiences with recommendation or testimonials on your portfolio.
  • Connect with others

You can travel a short distance alone but for travelling a long journey your need a group.

So, to be a long runner as a front-end developer you must connect with others in your field.

There are many ways to connect with others:

  • a) Follow the experienced front-end developers on all the social media platforms, like- facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedIn.
  • b)Become a part of the front-end developers community on internet, like- stackoverflow, GitHub and site point.
  • c)Join in the discussion groups, like- quora, reddit.
  • d)Participate in relevant conferences or seminars happening near you.
  • Invest in self development
Invest your priceless time to develop your skill. Be ready to experiment the new and popular technologies.

Read blogs on front-end development or latest technologies related to your field.

Fix a time for investing on your-self development by developing skills and being up to dated with the progress of technologies.
  • Do some physical activities regularly
Your work will demand you to sit in front of computer screen for a longer time regularly. It can bring a severe damage to your health if you are not careful.

Make a habit of going for an outdoor walk or exercises to give boost to your muscles and joints.

Get rid of all technological gadgets for some time and be close to nature.

Remember more close to nature we are, healthier we will be. And better health mean better mind. Better mind mean better work experience.

19. Front end developer resumes

Once you have worked hard and reached to your goal of learning front-end development skills and gathered some practical experiences, get ready with the next step. In second step, you need to build a professional front-end developer resume.
Your resume reflects, who you are. So, it must be prepared carefully.

Here is a list of guide to create a professional Resume for front-end developer:

  • Highlight your skills
  • Describe your experience
  • Analyze the job posting
  • Use relevant keywords to your job posting.
  • Write a short (2-3 sentences long) professional summary fit to your specific job description.

20. Front end developer portfolio

To Building a stand out portfolio for your front-end developer job, you need some careful works. Your portfolio must stand out of crowd and provide exact information that your employer is looking for. Only a bunch of code and great prototypes are not going to impress your employer.

Checkout this guide list for front-end developer portfolio to get some needed insights :

  1. Provide information about yourself and contact details.
  2. Mention first all the skills those align with the job description provided by company.
  3. Then, all the skills of your, those can make your portfolio stronger.
  4. Showcase your projects to back-up your skills (link to your projects in GitHub).
  5. Showcase your projects in codepen (link to codepen).
  6. Remember to first showcase the projects those are applicable for the job position.
  7. Describe your projects with whom was it for, when you did, requirements of project and other needed description.
  8. Your visual design and layouts must be appealing.
  9. Include the social proof; it will add extra strength to your portfolio.


21. Front-end developer interview questions

As the front-end technologies are continuously in progress, the pattern and the questions of interview is also changing.

Facing a front-end developer interview can be fearful, if you are not well prepared. But with will preparation, interview will become interesting to you.

Here, I am going to provide you, a checklist for getting prepared to face the front-end development interview.

  1. Develop the soft skills needed to tackle the front-end developer interview.
  2. Collect all the common front end interview questions form internet and prepare your own answer.
  3. Go through your projects at least twice and keep descriptive information about your project ready in your mind.
  4. Be expert and extremely well prepared on the skills required for job posting.
  5. Be ready to display your knowledge and experience through practical works.
  6. Gather the information about the company; you are going to interview in.
  7. Make a list of questions, you will ask the interviewer, like – about your job role, the goal of the company, how will you help them to reach to their goal.
  8. Get enough rest before facing interview (have a full night’s sleep).
  9. Be there on time or before but never be late or rushing.
  10. Be confident and polite in your talk and behavior.

You can check out these links to collect the front end developer questions:

22. Front end developer internship

Internship can be a great way to begin your professional journey. As you are ready with all the required skills and practiced enough, now you can be confident for an internship.

You may not get good salary during internship or may not get any salary but it can be great plus point for your future job.

After completing certain duration of internship, you will reach to that 100% confident for the job in a company.

Your recruiter will be sure that you are eligible to handle the job post.

Always remember, be sincere and honest in your work. Always go extra-mile then required. Show your love and good wish for the company by action in your work.

23. Land a front end developer freelancer or full-time job in a company

As a front end developer, you have choice to either work as a freelancer or go for a full time job in a company.

Now it depends on you, which way you prefer more.

a) Freelancing as a front-end developer

As a freelance front end developer, you may need to create new websites or working on existing websites of individuals or small businesses.

There are several platforms to work on as a freelancer. Some examples are:,,,

You will be independent as a freelancer and work on your time. You can use the latest technologies or display your skills on your work.

But with the freedom comes more responsibility to handle all the works of the clients by your own.

b) Job in a company as a front-end developer

Working in a company as a front-end developer is a different scenario than freelancing. Ina a company, you will work in a team, here it is s team work.

So you may need to be specialized in a specific skill. You might be assigned with a specific work like JavaScript or html and CSS. It requires you to be more focus on a particular work.

Here, you need to fulfil the goal of your company by providing a sincere service to the clients.


As many people ask this question ‘how to become a front end developer’, I have tried to provide a comprehensive and step by step guide to become a successful front-end developer.

Never forget your success of becoming a front-end developer, lies on how up to date you are with the latest and popular technologies related to front-end development, so never stop learning.

If you wish to have a better earning, you must be continuous in learning. Take the step of learning today; and tomorrow you will be one step ahead.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any suggestion about this article.

It would be very pleasing, if you comment ‘why do you want to become a front-end developer?’

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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