7 Steps to Make Money while Pregnant and Unemployed

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There was a time I googled this question ‘How to work from home and earn money?’ several times. I have gathered a lot of ideas from many different resources. 

In this article, I want to share all the needed things for working from home and earning money. At present even one of my students started to earn money by working from home

I believe this article will help you to know the actual facts about working from home to earn money. First of all, let me assure you that working from home is very much possible for earning money if you follow the steps below.

Working from home and making money online is really possible by following some simple steps, 

  • where at first you must recognize the opportunities and possibilities. 
  • Learn the skills to provide service to others for getting paid. 
  • Create a portfolio to showcase all your learnings and experiences. 
  • Prepare mentally to sit and work for a certain long period of time even without having any push. 
  • Prepare a room to work that is without disturbance and distraction for working as a professional. 
  • Arrange all the needed requirements to work from home. 
  • Get clients using online mediums, work for them and get paid.


Make money from home online with 7 simple steps

  • Opportunities and possibilities to work from home to make money
  • Learn the needed skills to work from home and earn money
  • Prepare a portfolio
  • Mental preparation to take to work from home
  • Preparing a work environment at home to work from home
  • Arranging requirements for working from home
  • Get clients to work from home and make money

1. Opportunities and possibilities to work from home to make money

It was much difficult to earn money by working from home in the earlier days. But at the present time, working from home to earn money is made easy due to the presence of advanced technology. 

First, you need to understand the opportunities and possibilities available for working from home. For this I would recommend you to go and visit some of the freelancing sites, like https://www.upwork.com/ , https://www.guru.com/ , https://www.fiverr.com/ , https://weworkremotely.com/ to gain the idea of services can be provided to earn money by working from home. 

You can also just google the term best freelancing site to do this research. 

Before you actually work from home, you must know what kind of work you can do from home to make money. One thing you should know that you are paid because you help someone by giving service to that particular person or organization. No one is going to pay you money for free. You need to learn skills and give service to others from home and get paid, that’s all. 

In this first step, you must go through a thorough research on different freelancing websites, checking out their categories of jobs and how the things take place.

2. Learn the needed skills to work from home and earn money

After going through the freelancing sites, you will gain a comprehensive idea of how the services are provided over the internet to get paid. 

Now it is the time to learn the skills. Once you make sure which service to provide and the skills needed for that, it is the right time now to learn those skills.

For learning those skills, you need to take online courses on those skills from online learning platforms. The courses available on online learning platforms are affordable and can be learnt from your home, by accessing them through a computer connected with the internet.

According to my experience udemy.com is one of the best and affordable online course providers. 

The courses on udemy comes with a bunch of benefits, they are:

  • You get support from the instructor in the case of your problem during the learning
  • There is a community support facility available where other students can also help you.
  • All the paid courses come with lifetime access facilities . 
  • You get all the updates to the course for free for life time.
  • Once you complete the course by watching all the video clases, you get a certificate of completion, which can be showcased in your portfolio.
  • Your money is secured with the 30 days no question asked money back guarantee.

You can also check out the other online learning platforms to find, which one is best for you. You can also go through the link below for checking out the free courses.


Take some quality courses and learn the skills.

3. Prepare a portfolio

As you are learning the skills and giving services to others, make sure you are keeping a record of all your learnings and practical experiences in a portfolio website.

This portfolio website will play an important role to build trust with the future clients, as they can see all your good works and be assured that you are capable enough to handle their work.

A portfolio website also displays your professionalism, that you are serious with your work.

Creating a portfolio website does not cost much, it is very much affordable if you create it by yourself or else make it developed by a developer. You can visit https://digihelphand.com/  for creating a portfolio website at an affordable cost.

4. Mental preparation to take to work from home

Before you work from home, there are some mental preparations that you must take. Working from home means you need to discipline yourself to begin and accomplish the work at the appropriate time. 

Creating excuses will not only slow down your work and earning but also will severely damage your work experience, trust and quality.

Without doubt work from home brings more self-responsibility to you, to be sincere and honest to your services.

You must learn to sit for a long time, in case it is the first time, you are working from home.

5. Preparing a work environment at home to work from home

Creating a work environment is very essential at your home, if you are willing to work from your home to make money. 

For this you need a separate room without distraction. A small distraction or disturbance can cause severe harm to your work experience in the long run.

If you have kids at home make sure they are kept away from the working room.

Prepare a professional working place by fixing sound proof, so that no noise from outside can distract you. Remember distraction will steal your quality work experience and precious time both. So, work on distraction to make your work from home place a truly distraction-free and sound proof zone.

6. Arranging requirements for working from home

Proper arrangement with required things in your working place is not only needed but also essential.

You must have a good and running computer system, I don’t mean that everyone needs to have a very expensive computer system, system requirement is dependable on the work categories, some works require very fast processing and powerful computer systems whereas others may require a just simple but working computer system. As an example, if you are a graphic designer, who provides designing services, then you require a high performance computer. But if you are a Content writer, then you probably need a just normal performance computer system.

There must be good internet connection, as you need to contact, work and deliver services over the internet.
If there is any issue with electricity, then set up an inverter or solar system, for the uninterrupted flow of electricity. Make your working place full of sufficient light and good looking.

Overall, everyone wants a professional minded person for trusting with work, so let your professionalism be reflected through each and every aspect of work and workplace.

7. Get clients to work from home and make money

Now it is the time to seek for clients, there are several ways you can find clients using online ways.

There are many free ways to get clients and many paid ways to get them.

  • Create a website and attract visitors to your website and eventually turn them into a client.
  • Take advantage of social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  
  • Be an active member in social media groups related to your work.
  • Be a part of forum sites by questioning and answering others.
  • You can also run ad campaigns for getting clients in a short period of time.

Case study from real life

Here is a case study from the real life of one of my students. He started his journey with a cyber security course from udemy.com, after learning the skills, he started to work from his home beside his school life as a student. 

He is studying, working and gaining more experience through his works, so he is paid for the services but gaining experiences for free, which will also help him in the future for getting better clients. 

At present, he is selling his service around the globe and making money by working from home.

I hope this case study will encourage you to move ahead towards the fulfillment of working from home and make money online. 


There are numerous opportunities in working from home to earn money, if you are really serious and sincere with your work.

The availability of internet and great technologies made the world so small that even a different continent does not seem much far from you, especially if you are providing services over the internet. 

Once you are skilled and professional with your work of providing services to the people over the internet, the whole world become you business place, no limitation of border of the country can hold you, even no limitation of working place can disturb you, you can literally work from anywhere and sell your services to anyone around the world.

So, follow the steps above to work from home and earn money online.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

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