How to learn JavaScript Best way for Beginners & Use of JavaScript

What is JavaScript, How to learn JavaScript fast, best way for Beginners step by step & Use of JavaScript

So, you are here because you want answer of how to learn JavaScript. In this article you will be guided through real steps that will make you a successful JavaScript developer.

Learning JavaScript is a smart choice if you are interested in learning a popular and in demand language that makes the web pages interactive.

There are huge job availability for JavaScript programmer and you can also expect handsome salary if you have learned to use this language in practical scenario.

What is JavaScript, How to learn JavaScript fast, best way for Beginners step by step & Use of JavaScript


  1. What is JavaScript?
  2. Use of JavaScript
  3. Why should you learn JavaScript?
  4. How to learn JavaScript? Best way to learn JavaScript for beginners step by step and quickly
  5. How long to learn JavaScript

1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is listed among the most popular and powerful languages.

 Before JavaScript language was used only for making the website interactive, mean when you hover your mouse, write some text or click on some places of web pages, it gives you some result or interacts with you. This makes web pages really attractive and interesting.

But now JavaScript became more versatile as it can be used in back end and for building software.

Front end is the part of a website that a visitor sees and back end is the part where the data are stored. Let’s take an  example, when you add some products in cart in Amazon or other ecommerce site, the product request is stored in the back end so that supplier can deliver it to you.

Companies want the programmer to know this language because then a single programmer can work for frontend and backend both and handle the code more efficiently.

2. Use of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is used to make the interactive web pages.
  • You can use JavaScript to create web games.
  • It is used for server side scripting by node.js.
  • You can develop desktop applications using JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is also used in Machine leaning and Internet of Things.

3. Why should you learn JavaScript?

There can be many reasons for why you should learn JavaScript. But the main reason is you want to be web developer, who will create amazing websites using html, css and JavaScript.

Some other reasons are here:

  • JavaScript is easy for getting started with programming because it is easy for using.
  • It is a multipurpose programming language, which can be used in frontend, backend and for developing software.
  • There are huge vacancies for JavaScript developers.
  • It has market demand, so demand produces more opportunity.
  • You will find gigantic JavaScript developer’s community.
  • You can earn great salary by leaning this language.
  • Leaning JavaScript is easy due to available resources and affordable courses on internet.

4. How to learn JavaScript? Best way to learn JavaScript for beginners step by step and quickly

  1. Find purpose of learning JavaScript?
  2. Start with Online Course
  3. Completing all the JavaScript Exercises & Challenges for better learning
  4. Get a good book on JavaScript and start reading
  5. Find a mentor, can be your course teacher
  6. Associate with other learners or experienced on different platforms
  7. Take one step at a time
  8. Practice (coding) everyday
  9. Take important notes
  10. Keep yourself cool when you stuck in code
  11. Find a project- Learn by doing
  12. Read blogs and articles on JavaScript
  13. Be familiar with YouTube channels related to JavaScript
  14. Be a Contributor
  15. Apply for an internship

5. How long to learn JavaScript?

Leaning coding takes time, it does not happen overnight. Learning basic JavaScript can take from 7-9 months if you are regular with the practice. You will become comfortable using this language by 7-9 months.

If you give a quality time for learning and practicing JavaScript regularly, you can learn it even in 6 months.

But in order to become an expert or for Gaining the deeper understanding and an experienced level, it may take years.

Remember that learning coding requires patience and sincerity.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to write in comment section below. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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